Robert A. Smith Recipients

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Robert A. Smith Award
For outstanding contributions to dentistry and community
Selected by 4th District Board of Directors

1982 Dr. Leo W. Roohan, Saratoga Springs
1983 Dr. Robert C. Westcott, Glens Falls
1984 Dr. Irving M. Falkenbury, Glens Falls
1985 Dr. Morton Gold, Schenectady
1986 Dr. Samuel Coppola, Schenectady
1987 Dr. John Ehrke, Troy
1988 Dr. Walter Taylor, Lake Placid
1989 Dr. John R. Moon, Schenectady
1990-91 No recipient
1992 Dr. Sheridan B. Albert, Schroon Lake
1993 Dr. Richard S. Vlock, Gloversville
1994 No recipient
1995 Dr. John F. Rowland, Scotia
1996 Dr. H. John Schutze, Queensbury
1997 Dr. G. Kirk Gleason, Clifton Park
1998 Dr. William S. Lancaster, Cobleskill
1999 Dr. Michael R. Breault, Schenectady
2000 Dr. Robert E. Sharp, Queensbury
2001 Dr. J. Thomas Lanka, Schenectady
2002 Dr. Michael E. Valla, Glens Falls
2003-05 No recipient
2006 Dr. Frederick W. Wetzel, Schenectady
2007 Dr. Vincent Filanova, Amsterdam
2008 Dr. John R. McCambley, Schenectady
2009 Dr. Christian E. Mathiesen, Saratoga Springs
2010 Dr. Mark A. Bauman, Saratoga Springs
2011 Dr. Ronald S. Tecler, Hague
2012 Dr. John M. McGill, Tupper Lake
2013-16 No recipient
2017 Dr. Wayne S. Harrison, Gloversville
2017 Dr. Daniel H. Flanders, Schenectady
2018 No recipient