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Dr. Jacob Merryman

Dear Fourth District Members:

I'd like to take this opportunity to encourage you to attend our Saratoga Dental Congress scheduled for May 10th & 11th, 2018.  We've had a proud history since June 2, 1868 of providing our constituents with a local meeting where they can meet with vendors, pick up some great CE hours and have the opportunity to interact with fellow dentists.  This year is especially exciting because we are celebrating both our Fourth District component and the New York State Dental Associations' 150th Anniversary!  

Over the last half decade or so we have witnessed decreased attendance at dental meetings across the country.  I think most of us attribute this to changing times and easily accessible online CE.  With fewer in attendance at meetings, supporting vendors are less inclined to present at our functions.  Without proper support our meeting suffers and is less beneficial to our patrons.  

I hope to encourage everyone to attend our local meeting.  We are a relatively close community of dentists.  Within my short span of about nine years in private practice I seldom see an unfamiliar face of a local dentist.  We should be setting an example to our younger colleagues who have recently completed their dental training.  They need to see the support they have, both from us and for each other. They need to know that dentistry is not about cut throat business/profit but collaboration with the patients’ best needs at the heart.  

So please attend the meeting.  Come celebrate dentistry, whether generalist or specialist, and show your support for the dental community and those that work so hard to support you.  In homage to those who embraced organized dentistry, please pick up your anniversary gift at registration.

Jacob Merryman, D.D.S.
Fourth District Board President